B.S.c 1978-1982: Nanjing University, China. 
Speciality: Hydrology with emphasis on surface water 
Thesis: Hydrologic Processes in Karst Areas in Southwestern   China,   directed by Professor Hai-Shen Zhang.
 M.S.c 1986-1988: Free University Brussels, Brussels, Belgium 
Speciality: Regional Hydrologic Models. 
Thesis: Regional Study of Monthly Rainfall Runoff Models, directed by Professor G.L. Vandewiele.
 Ph.D. 1988-1992: Free University Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. Doctor of philosophy, November 1992, with the grade EXCELLENT 
Speciality:  Development, statistical analysis and regionalization of hydrological   models. 
Thesis: Monthly Water Balance Models in Different Climatic Regions, directed by Professor G.L. Vandewiele, head of the Centre for Statistics and Operational Research, Free University Brussels and Professor H. Decleir, head of the Department of Geography, Free University Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. 
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