Society of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in Oslo

University of Oslo

Text Box: News: 
	- very successful 2nd meeting
Harald showed off with his clever interpretation of Tom’s spectrum
Nice introduction into the world of bio-impedance by  Prof.  Sverre Grimnes
Excellent talk by Morten Huse on Bauerle’s classical paper   

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	- see our list of proposed topics

	- references to great impedance literature, 
		Referenced literature is available in non-electronic form in the SEISO main 		office (in  SEISO-binder)

	- next meeting Friday June 9th at 16:00
		Meeting room of Solid State Electrochemistry group
		The inductive loop
		Responsible: Harald Fjeld
		Impedance spectrum: Christian Kjølseth

Contact info:
	Visiting adress:		
				Room 22:144
				SMN, Research park
				Gaustadallen 21
				0349 Oslo
				+47 22 84 06 57

	PhD student Harald Fjeld
	PhD student Christian Kjølseth
	Master student Morten Huse
	Master student Thomas James
	Prof. Truls Norby
	Dr. Reidar Haugsrud
	Master student Camilla Kongshaug
	Master student Trond Risberg
	Master student Skjalg Erdal

Webmaster: Christian Kjølseth

This month’s spectrum: Christian Kjølseth

                 Experimental conditions

                 Temperature:  550°C

                 Atmospheres: Oxidizing, wet


                                  Electrolyte: BaZr0.9Y0.1O3-δ

                                  Anode: Pt

                                  Cathode: Pt

                 Bias: 0 V

                 Osc. voltage:  0.5 V




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