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Professor UiO/Research Scientist MERG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Coccolithophorids
Department of Biology (UiO)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dinophyceae
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Microbial Evolution Research Group (MERG)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Phenology
University of Oslo (UiO), Norway                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Protists                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Teaching
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All pictures are the copyrights (c) of Dag Klaveness (unless acknowledged). High-resolution (.tif) images) of localities or organisms  may be supplied  for some purposes (e.g. textbooks - inquire) 

Most recent publications:

Burki, F., Inagaki, Y., Bråte, J., Archibald, J.M., Keeling, P.J., Cavalier-Smith, T., Sakaguchi, M., Hashimoto, T., Horak, A., Kumar, S., Klaveness, D., Jakobsen, K.S., Pawlowski, J. & Shalchian-Tabrizi K. 2009. Large-scale phylogenomic analyses reveal that two enigmatic protist lineages, Telonemia and Centroheliozoa, are related to photosynthetic chromalveolates. Genome Biology and Evolution 1 (1), 231-238. doi:10.1093/gbe/evp022 Advance Access published July 27, 2009

Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Bråte, J., Logares, R., Klaveness, D., Berney, C. & Jakobsen, K.S. 2008. Diversification of unicellular eukaryotes: cryptomonad colonizations of marine and fresh waters inferred from revised 18S rRNA phylogeny. Environmental Microbiology 10 (10), 2635-2644

Hamran, S-E., Klaveness, D. & Dypvik, H. 2008. GPR Reveals a Sub Bottom Anomaly Inside a Circular Basin in a Small Lake. Proceedings, 12th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, June 16-19, 2008, Birmingham, UK. (in press)

Klaveness, D. & Løvhøiden, F. 2007. Meromictic lakes as habitats for protists: Life in the chemocline and below ? In Seckbach, J. (ed.): Algae and Cyanobacteria in Extreme Environments. Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology, Vol. 11, 61-78. xxxiv + 811 s. Springer, Dordrecht. ISBN 978-1-4020-6111-0
Logares, R., Rengefors, K., Kremp, A., Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Boltovskoy, A., Tengs, T., Shurtleff, A. and Klaveness, D. 2007. Phenotypically Different Microalgal Morphospecies with Identical Ribosomal DNA: A Case of Rapid Adaptive Evolution? Microbial Ecology 53, 549-561
Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Kauserud, H., Massana, R., Klaveness, D. & Jakobsen, K.S. 2007. Analysis of Environmental 18S Ribosomal RNA Sequences reveals Unknown Diversity of the Cosmopolitan Phylum Telonemia. Protist 158, 173-180

Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Skånseng, M., Ronqvist, F., Klaveness, D., Bachvaroff, TR., Delwiche, C.F., Botnen, A., Tengs, T., Jakobsen, K.S. 2006. Heterotachy Processes in Rhodophyte-Derived Secondhand Plastid Genes: Implications for Addressing the Origin and Evolution of Dinoflagellate Plastids. Molecular biology and evolution  23 (7):1-12

Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Klaveness, D., Eikrem, W., Vaulot, D., Minge, M.A. LeGall, F., Romari, K., Throndsen, J., Botnen, A., Massana, R., Thomsen, H.A., Jakobsen, K. S..2006. Telonemia, a new protist phylum with affinity to chromist lineages.. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, Biological Sciences  273, 1833-1842

Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Minge, M.A., Cavalier-Smith, T., Nedreklepp, J.M., Klaveness, D. & Jakobsen, K.S. 2006. Combined Hsp90 and ribosomal RNA sequence phylogeny supports multiple replacements of dinoflagellate plastids. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 53 (3), 1-8

Klaveness, D., Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Thomsen, H.A., Eikrem, W. & Jakobsen, K.S. 2005. Telonema antarcticum  sp.nov., a common marine phagotrophic flagellate. International Journal of Systematic and Ecological Microbiology (IJSEM) 55, 2595-2604. (NFR-supported, project nr. 121187/720)

Projects in progress:

"The Limnology of Ultraoligotrophic Lakes"
(UiO) - see examples below, on lake Flakavatn and lake Klaretjern
Flakavatn - M.Sc.-students in progress
Lutvann - M.Sc.-student wanted: lake sediment studies
Klaretjern - M.Sc.-student wanted: protist plankton diversity (molecular/phylogenetic analysis and modern microscopy methods preferred)
M.Sc.-projects available - contact dag.klaveness@bio.uio.no 


”Communities and Conditions in Extreme Aquatic Environments” (UiO/MERG)
Vesle Bakketjern - M.Sc.-student wanted. See Klaveness & Løvhøiden 2007 (full reference above)
Pollen (Pollevann) i Ås - M.Sc.-student wanted.
See Klaveness & Løvhøiden 2007 (full reference above)

limnology of lake Klaretjern

Lakes located in very poor bedrock (plutonics of gneiss/granitic type) and within small catchments may under certain circumstances remain as extreme clearwater lakes (S = 16 - 26 m), in spite of runoff from forested areas. The physical and biological properties of such lakes are under intense investigation

Read more about lake Klaretjern in the Norwegian scuba-divers´ journal, "Dykking" nr. 4-2004, reporting with pictures on the extreme clarity of the lake.

The picture to the left shows lake Klaretjern during spring, when the main organic load comes from the pollen of Pinus. To the right, a report on the lake from 1950 (Vasshaug 1950), among the very few written observations on this lake.

M.Sc.-student projects open, with emphasis on chemistry, or plankton/benthic vegetation and protistology


"Taxonomy and phylogeny of protists and algae" (MERG).
Freshwater algae in Ilestadvann - Doctoral student continues his activities here (and elsewhere)
Algae/protist/phycomycete interactions  in Finsevatn-Flakavatn tributaries - M.Sc./doctoral students in progress
Students with interests within protistology, including algae, in freshwater - wanted: M.Sc.-projects available, employing the most recent microscopical methods, culturing of coldwater species, and molecular methods including the most recent of phylogenetic analyses - contact dag.klaveness@bio.uio.no

"High mountain limnology" - with the goal of reestablishing and continuing the limnological activity in the Finse high mountain area, where the UiO/UiB Alpine Research Station (http://www.finse.uio.no) is located (1781-1996 bibliography, pdf 3Mb). Students are welcome, within the context of the categories of projects above. Present limnological activities:

- limnology of lake Finsevatn:

- read more about lake Finsevatn and geomorphological processes in the area, in

Strøm, K.M. 1938. Norwegian mountain lakes. - Arch. Hydrobiol. 33: 82-92.

Strøm, K.M. 1956. Change in a glacier-fed lake. Finsevatn after 21 years. - Hydrobiologia 8: 293-297.

Strøm, K.M. 1957. Ein See wird durch Klimaänderung umgestaltet. - Verh. internat. Ver. Limnol. 13: 227.

 Østbye, F. 2001. Fetavatn som ble til Finsefetene – en metamorfose fra fjellvann til beitemark. Fauna 54 (1), 15-26


limnology of lake Flakavatn:

- read more about lake Flakavatn in

Strøm, K.M. 1934. Flakevatn. A semi-arctic lake of Central Norway. - Skr. norske Vidensk. Akad. 1. 1934. 5: 1-28. - See also the paper on lake Bessvatn by same author, for comparisons:

Strøm, K.M. 1935. Bessvatn and other lakes of Eastern Jotunheim. - Skr. norske Vidensk. Akad. 1. 1935. 4: 1-29.

Strøm, K.M. 1938. Norwegian mountain lakes. - Arch. Hydrobiol. 33: 82-92.

Strøm, K.M. 1966. Heat budget of Flakevatn a subpolar lake. - Schweiz. Z. Hydrol. 28: 43-45.

Klaveness, D., Humlum, O. & Holm, T.M. 2008. Approaching a treshold transition ? - Lake Flakavatn - a large, high-alpine lake in southern Norway ( Abstract (some results on hydrography and geomorphology), First International Symposium of Winter Limnology, Kilpisjärvi, Finland, May 24-28, 2008) - List of references.

For a treatise on the plants in the Finse region, see Faegri 1966

Selected key references to past and present scientific contributions from Klaveness and coauthors:

Klaveness, D. 1970. Blyttiomyces helicus,  a phycomycete new to Norway. Nytt Mag. Bot. 17, 101-102 (first "scientific" paper, which later led to visits by T.W. Johnson and more papers on the phycomycete flora of lakes (see refs. to Johnson 1975 a,b, in the list of publications-link at bottom of this page)

Klaveness, D. & Paasche, E. 1979. Physiology of Coccolithophorids. In: Hutner, S.H. & Levandowsky, M. (eds): Biochemistry and Physiology of Protozoa, Second Edition, Vol. 1 pp. 191-213. Academic Press, New York. (includes references to all my thesis papers)

Klaveness, D. 1988. Ecology of the Cryptomonadida - a first review. In: Sandgren, C.D. (ed.): Growth and Reproductive Strategies of Freshwater Phytoplankton, pp. 105-133. Cambridge University Press, New York.

Klaveness, D. & Wielgolaski, F-E. 1996. Plant phenology in Norway - a summary of past and present first flowering dates (FFDs) with emphasis on conditions within three different areas. Phenology and Seasonality 1, 47-61.

Klaveness, D. 1999. Metallogenium - a microbial enigma. In: Seckbach, J. (ed.): Enigmatic Microorganisms and Life in Extreme Environments, pp. 539-548. Kluwer academic Publishers.

Stabell, T., Andersen, T. & Klaveness, D. 2002. Ecological significance of endosymbionts in a mixotrophic ciliate - an experimental test of a simple model of growth coordination between host and symbiont. Journal of Plankton Research 24 (9), 889-899

Hu, C., Liu, Y., Paulsen, B.S. & Klaveness, D. 2003. Extracellular carbohydrate polymers from five desert soil algae with different cohesion in the stabilization of fine sand grain. Carbohydrate Polymers 54, 33-42


Popular science (selected):

Klaveness, D. 1992. Ferskvanns-algene i Norge: en forskningsoppgave "for leg og lærd". Blyttia 50 (3), 121-140 (inneholder en fyldig litteraturliste for bestemmelse av ferskvannsalger fram til 1992)
Klaveness, D. 1994. Algenes opprinnelse og tidlige evolusjon. Blyttia 52, 167-179
Klaveness, D. 1997. Botanisk fenologi på ville planter i Norge - de tidligere norske fenologiske observasjons-serier og mulighetene for nye serier. Blyttia 55 (2), 53-59
Klaveness, D. 1998. Våren - når kommer den ? Apollon nr. 1/98 (8 årgang), 42-45
Klaveness, D. 1999. Mikroalger i vitenskapelig perspektiv. VANN 1-1999, 35-44. (pdf)

Klaveness, D. 2001. Fenologi i skolen 2001. 17 sider. (Kortfattet instruks for fenologiske observasjoner, pdf)
Klaveness, D. 2002. Azolla - vannplante på vidvanke ? Blyttia 60 (3), 156-159
Klaveness, D. 2004. Veisalt - ikke bra for naturen. Nationen 13 juli, s. 2 (pdf)

Klaveness, D. 2004. Kaare Strøm. Norsk Biografisk Leksikon, vol. 8, pp. 467-468. Kunnskapsforlaget, H. Aschehoug & Co. (W. Nygaard) A/S og Gyldendal ASA, Oslo 2004

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Klaveness, D. & Vaalund, A. 2008. Kaare Strøm: For tverrfaglig for samtiden. Museum for Universitets- og Vitenskapshistorie (MUV). Universitetet i Oslo.

Reprints or copies for personal use are available upon request, to dag.klaveness@bio.uio.no


See the list of publications from Limnology at UiO - up to 2000