Dag I.K. Sjøberg

Dag I.K. Sjøberg
Professor in Software Engineering
Department of Informatics
University of Oslo
PO Box 1080 Blindern
NO-0316 Oslo, NORWAY
Phone: +(47) 9260 4578
E-mail: dagsj@ifi.uio.no
University of Oslo
Dag Sjøberg received his MSc degree from the University of Oslo in 1987 and his PhD degree from the University of Glasgow in 1993 ...  More »

Professor Dag Sjøberg

Software systems form the foundation of the economic, political, social, cultural and scientific spheres of modern information society. Such systems are, for example, crucial to solving global humanitarian and environmental problems.

Since 1999, I have been a professor in software engineering, which is about developing, maintaining and managing high-quality software systems in a cost-effective and predictable way.

My research is primarily in empirical software engineering, which reflects the fact that software development is basically a human activity carried out in organizations, and consequently, to study it, we need empirical methods, ranging from controlled experiments to case studies and action research to surveys, systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses. My present interest is studies on lean and agile software development. More about my position can be found in an interview in ACM Ubiquity.

Externally Funded Projects
I have been partly the overall project leader and partly the University of Oslo project leader of 14 externally funded research projects. Two of them are running at present. More »
Industry as Lab
The industry should be the lab of software engineering research - position on empirical software engineering.
More »
Research Evaluation
Research may be evaluated with respect to quality, quantity and impact. However, measuring these criteria is far from trivial. The very few outstanding scientific achievements are ...  More »
Other Interests
Among my interests are nature, climate and athletics. Functioning ecosystems are important for people's well-being, and in the long run, essential for the survival of humanity. More »
5 April 2016: Ser butikk i it-flauser. Intervju Dagens Næringsliv.
21 Des. 2015: Bruk av IT-konsulenter i offentlig sektor. Intervju Bergens Tidende.
4 June 2015: Programmering bør være allmennkunnskap. Intervju Dagens Næringsliv.
24 April 2015: Vil ikke forske på IT. Intervju Dagens Næringsliv.
8 Nov. 2013: Research on agile. Interview Computerworld.
25 Oct. 2013: Agile terminology. Interview Computerworld.
5-8 Aug. 2013: Lecturer at ECSE 20th International Summer School, Finland.
18 Des. 2012: Offentlige IT-prosjekter. Intervju Aftenposten.
16 Nov. 2012: Bruk av IT-konsulenter. Intervju Aftenposten.
16 Nov. 2012: Smidig-forskning. Artikkel i Computerworld.
26 Okt. 2012: Smidig utvikling krever opplæring. Intervju Computerworld.
25 Sep. 2012: Skandalene er kommet for å bli. Intervju Aftenposten.
25 June 2012: Lecturer at 9th Int. Summer School on Software Engineering, Salerno.
13 April 2012: Medlem av komiteen for utdeling av UiOs priser.
11 April 2012: Intervju Aftenposten om Altinn.
16 Nov. 2011: Lyktes bedre med Kanban. Artikkel Computerworld.
22 June 2011: Interview on empirical software research in ACM Ubiquity.
3 Des. 2010: Derfor trenger Norge mer IKT-forskning. Kronikk Computerworld.
23 Nov. 2010: Intervju Computerworld. Undervisning i Smidig.
18 Nov. 2010: Undervisning i smidige (agile) metoder. 10m. video på Smidig2010
1 Nov. 2010: IT-forskningen er treg. Kronikk i Forskerforum
8 Oct. 2010: Ranked No. 11 in the world in software engineering .
30 Sep. 2010: Lecturer at a Doctoral School on Ultra Large Scale Systems.
1 Sep. 2010: Slow obsolescence of research in computing, article in CACM.
21 June 2010: Keynote at the Software Maintenance Maturity Model.
11 May 2010: Associate Editor (AE) of IEEE Transactions on Software.
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