Authentic Travel International Project

To be complete, a strategy for positive global change cannot ignore the fact that the corporation - a most powerful institution in the world - has become a threat, as Joel Bakan has warned us.

A purpose of the Authentic Travel International (ATI) project is to design a business model and an infrastructure of an international corporation that supports positive global change, and at the same time has competitive advantage in the conventional business sense. The underlying idea is a sort of a judo trick – the power of the conventional mechanisms of a global corporation is applied to reverse the negative trends that are normally associated with economic globalization.

The business model developed by the ATI project supports the small and authentic economies and cultures that are endangered by globalization.

The travel practice supported by the ATI business model provides a way in which vital memes can be exchanged, by allowing people and cultures to meet in an authentic way.

The marketing developed within the ATI project places the power of advertising into the service of positive value change.

The research practices developed within the ATI project serve as a prototype of design research. Instead of focusing on a question within a traditional discipline, we bring together people with diverse skills and expertise as needed to create a well-functioning whole (an international business). The ATI project was initiated by Karina Fürst, the owner of a travel business called Authenticore, Professor Reidar Holtskog from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and myself.

Section Three of the article Memetic Engineering - Authentic Travel International Example will provide more detail. You may also take a look at the corresponding business plan draft.

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