Nature Culture Health - Information Design

The Nature Culture Health - Information Design project has been developed in cooperation with Professor Gunnar Tellnes from the University of Oslo Medical School, and the Nature Culture Health Association that he initiated in Norway. A goal of this project is to apply information design toward a better understanding and promotion of health or wellbeing. An additional motivation was our shared conviction that an informed approach to wellbeing may be a vital factor in cultural renewal.

In 2004 we started the Nature Culture Health International.

Our first, prospectus article was NaCuHeal Information Design In Public Health. My poster Conventional Medicine And Holistic Medicine an old story retold on the Holistic Scientific Medicine Conference in Copenhagen, 2004, points at the possibility to empower a holistic approach to health by defining a methodology. Our lecture Healthcare As A Power Structure, presented on the 2005 conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health in Paris, is an application of polyscopy to a study of power-related determinants of healthcare. Our workshop and lecture on the European Public Health Association's 2005 conference pointed at some of the uses of polyscopy in health promotion.

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