Flexplearn Project

The goal of the Flexplearn Project is to design a university course model that suits our contemporary needs and technological possibilities. Flexplearn stands for 'flexible exploratory learning.' Learning is flexible regarding not only the time and place, but also regarding what is learned (students choose their learning itinerary according to their needs and inerests). The students learn in part by co-designing the course and the learning material.

In this way Flexplearn also addresses the critical question of the character traits and values that are instilled through education. Flexplearn supports creativity, responsibility for a shared goal and conscious choice of direction. (To see what this means in practice, one must consider how the conventional model of education as preparation for work life - years of doing homeworks and tests, namely work that has no other purpose but to improve and prove one's ability and knowledge and get promoted - might have influenced our culture, and our academic culture in particular.)

Flexplearn has been implemented as the University of Oslo Information Design course. We are now working on a federated version of Flexplearn, for the Knowledge Federation course, where the learning resources will be co-created and used by researchers and students worldwide.

You may find more about the Flexplearn model in Section Three of our ICALT 2005 article.

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