Key Point Dialog project

A purpose of the Key Point Dialog project is to facilitate a change of lifestyle, values or other patterns in a community, as a way of handling problems, both global and local, and evolving opportunities.

Each key point dialog implements a techniques from a collection of techniques we are developing, whose purpose is to help a community of people reach a direction-changing insight or 'key point.' The mission of the Key Point Dialog project is to design and deploy key point dialogs. WiKeyPoDia is a Wikipedia-like online project for developing direction-changing insights on the global scale. The KommuneWiki project supports grass-roots democratic changes in municipalities.

You may find out more about these projects by reading the article How To Begin The Next Renaissance or my Introduction to the Sigdal municipality dialog, or by looking at this Sigdal municipality dialog photo album.

In June 2008 we organized the Key Point Dialog Zagreb 2008 in the House of Europe, Zagreb, Croatia, whose theme was the European and global direction change. For more information please see this invitation letter or the Zagreb 2008 dialog website.

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