Epigenetics Symposium

Public Lecture


8.-9.  November


Please note: This event is fully booked. Only if you have become a confirmation email with a ticket you have a seat.

Public lecture and science debate with Tim Spector:

Thursday 8th November 19:00 Grand Hotel Oslo, The Rococo Room. Admission is free, but registration is required. Please click here. (Note: Venue change).

Tim Spector
is Professor at King's College London and author of Identically Different: why you can change your genes. He has won several academic awards and published over 500 academic papers. He has
appeared in numerous TV documentaries and is often consulted in British and international media on his team's cutting-edge research.

The Public Lecture is followed by a panel discussion with:

Camilla Stoltenberg Professor and Director General of The Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Author and Professor in Biology at the University of Oslo.

Professor and General Director General of the Biotechnology Advisory Board Norway.

Professor in Molecular Biology at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany.


Identically Different.

Why you can change your genes Identically Different explains how minor life events and the choices people make, as well as those made by our ancestors, fuse with our inherited genes to mould us into individuals. Genes can be switched on and off by a wide range of activities, foods, vitamins and stresses. What makes people so different from their siblings? Why do they vote a certain way, remain faithful for twenty years, believe in God, love salads, be heterosexual, get cancer or depression, dislike sport or never put on weight? Using fascinating case studies of identical twins, Professor Tim Spector will draw gems from his exhaustive research project that has spanned twenty years to show how even real-life identical twins ‘clones’ with the same genes and upbringing turn out in reality to be very different. Based on cutting-edge discoveries that are pushing the frontiers of our knowledge of genetics, he shows us that – contrary to recent scientific teaching – nothing is completely hard-wired or pre-ordained – and that we can change our genes and our destinies. (The book is available at the Litteraturhuset bookstore.)