Einar Andreas Rødland

Bioinformatics research

High throughput sequencing
Have made the kFM-index data structure for compact de Bruijn subgraph representation. Also work on analysing somatic mutations in cancer.
Statistical methods for DNA analyses
Identification and assessment of over-represented words: potential DNA marker and signalling sequences.
Classification of cancer cell subtypes
Identification of cancer subtypes based on gene expression, copy number variation, etc. Use of microarray data, incl. normalization and missing value imputation.
Other projects:
RNA structures and pseudoknots; prediction of rRNAs and analyses on their organization in the genome; multiple testing and Simes' procedure.


Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, Radiumhospitalet
MetAction: project for individualised cancer therapy
Previous affiliations:
Departement of Informatics, Biomedical Research Group
Joint Centre for Bioinformatics in Oslo
Center for Cancer Biomedicine
Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience (CMBN) Bioinformatics Group
NR (Norwegian Computing Center)
SAMBA: Statistical Analysis, Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition


Ph.D. in algebraic geometry.
Extensive background as chartered consultant offering statistical, mathematical and analytical expertise.

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