Phrasier & MobilePhrasier


Free flash card program supporting Asian languages

Phrasier was made for practicing Chinese phrases and characters using flash cards, but may be used with any language. It is centered around a simple and user-friendly flash card module that will identify which words and phrases you need to practice more often and which ones you have learnt and should only repeat rarely.


Free flash card program to run on you mobile phone

MobilePhrasier is a version of Phrasier made to run on Java enabled mobile phones. Although trimmed down, the core flash card module is exactly as in Phrasier, and will remember which words you know and which ones you need to practice.

Due to differences between mobile phone models, the implementation of MobilePhrasier have had to be adapted for different producers and models. I have been using it on a Sony-Ericsson, and before that on an Asus. If you have problems running MobilePhrasier, please tell me and I might be able to fix the problem.

Last modified July 02, 2010.