MobilePhrasier: version history

Here's a history of the different version and main changes.

The released version seems to work well on all the emulators I have tried it on. These are supposed to simulate various different makes phones. However, it is apparent the emulators cannot replace testing the program on actual phones. I'm in the process of doing that and fixing things that cause problems.

MobilePhrasier version 1.2
Some further problems have been fixed. In addition, MobilePhrasier can now handle the CHS flash card session files in UTF-8, so you no longer need to convert them to ASCII before moving them you your phone.
MobilePhrasier version 1.1
Several problems fixed that caused MobilePhrasier to not run on Sony Ericsson phones. The layout of menues has also been improved for Sony Ericsson phones. In addition to emulators, MobilePhrasier has been tested quite thoroughly on two Sony Ericsson models: W380 and W395. Some Bopomofo bugs and problems have been fixed or improved on.
MobilePhrasier version 1.0
First release version, despite little testing on phone brands other than Asus: please give feedback if you get it to work or not on other brands. A number of bugs have been fixed that caused problems on some phones/emulators. The file browser which is used to select flash card session files has been replaced. Text and background colour may now be changed. Three different styles for presenting Pinyin now exist (with tone marks, with tone numbers, or translated to the Bopomofo phonetic writing): the first and the last may not display properly on some phones if they lack the required character sets.
MobilePhrasier version 1.0.β
This is the beta version: originally ment to be the first release, but I found some fixes were required before it would run on a number of phone brands. Aside from a few improvements, I have fixed some problems that caused it to fail on many different phones. In addition, it uses feedback on a 1-5 scale (not 1-3 as before).
Early testing version of MobilePhrasier
This was available for testing for a good while. However, although it worked on the Sun Java Micro Edition emulator and on my Asus phone, it seemed not to work on other phones.

Last modified April 30, 2009.