As of now, I only have vocabulary files for one book enteres spesifically for Phrasier which I have entered myself, but there are a large number of vocabulary files available in the CEDict format which Phrasier can read.

If anyone has vocabulary files they want converted to the CHPU or CEDict format, or want help entering their own vocabulary files, please contact me.

Practical Audio Visual Chinese [traditional Chinese]

Textbook used on Taiwan. Uses traditional Chinese characters.

Go here for more details.

Vocabulary files from other sources


The Chinese tutor program ZDT provides a large number of vocabulary files in the CEDict format which (may) contain both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. These may also be read by Phrasier.

As of now, ZDT provides provides the following titles:

The program itself is also highly recommended: it provides a number of useful features not available in Phrasier.


ZhongWiki provides an alternative version of the vocabulary from Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol I using the CEDict format.

Chinese Practice

More vocabulary files (in CHP format) are available for Practical Chinese Reader and Speed-up Chinese (in Czech) at the Chinese Practice website. Contact me if you need help converting these to CHPU format for use with Phrasier.

Last modified April 30, 2009.