Vocabulary: Practical Audio Visual Chinese

The textbook Practical Audio Visual Chinese is used at the Mandarin Training Center in Taipei. The Chinese characters taught in this are generally the traditional characters as used in Taiwan: i.e. there are some simplifications as compared to what is listed as traditional characters in most dictionaries. The Mandarin in the book is largely Beijing style Mandarin, so I have added some comments as to differences between Beijing and Taiwan style Mandarin. If you find any errors, please tell me!

I have made some editing decisions, partly to avoid getting too many duplicate terms in the vocabulary. In addition, the book contains additional terms in footnotes (ofter to appear in later lessons) which I have kept separate by ending the vocabulary file with "Xtra" instead of "voc" as I have done for the vocabulary of each lesson.

  • Updates and corrections
  • Uploaded 30 April 2009: Example sentences for PAVC Vol. I uploaded.
  • Updated 16 November 2007: Corrections in Lessons 20 adding two missing measure words and correcting the characters for "introduction letter" (jie4 shao4 xin4) and "classroom" (jiao4 shi4).
  • Updated 12 November 2007: Corrections in Lessons 17 and 19: one of the characters for "age" (nian2 ji4) was wrong, and the tone of "ba3" was lacking.

Last modified April 30, 2009.