LaTeX macros

I have made the following LaTeX macro files which I use when writing articles. You can choose to use individual macros, just cut and paste from the files, or the whole setup I'm using. Files can be downloaded individually, or as a zipped file containing all the files.

My typical LaTeX article setup consists of the following documents per article:

Main document
This follows the template (mal.tex). The files macro.tex and meta.tex are included using \input.
This contains macro definitions specific to the article. It includes setup.tex at the start using \input the general setup file which is in a shared catalogue; including that here rather than in the main document ensures that macros originally defined in setup.tex can be redefined here if you wish to modify their behaviour.
This is a copy of the meta file adapted to the specific document. It contains information such as title, author, etc. It also contains a list of all the sections (chapters) in the definition of \includesections where all the sections are included using the macro \addsection.
one file per section (chapter)
I use one file per section (chapter). These are included by adding them to the definition of \includesections made in the meta file. This way, the sections are automatically labeled as chap:xxx or app:xxx where xxx is the section name. The filename is on the form {\texfileprefix}xxx.tex where \texfileprefix should be (re)defined in the meta file.
Last modified June 21, 2007.