Overview of programs and packages

Java packages

The following packages were once under construction, but have now been discarded.

Molecular structure package
The objective of this package is to be able to describe the structure of a complex molecular structure.
PDB parser
This is ment to be a general purpose parser for PDB (protein data base) files.

LaTeX: macros and scripts

Some LaTeX setups and macros
This is just a LaTeX setup with some macros that I use and some others may find useful.
LaTeX word count
Perl script and web-interface for counting words in TeX and LaTeX documents.

SAS: macros

I have a large number of macros, both for general use and for specific purposes. Some of the, I have now made available here.


Phrasier: Chinese vocabulary practice
A small Java program to aid in practicing Chinese vocabulary together with vocabulary files for the text book Practical Audio-Visual Chinese which is used at the Mandarin Training Center in Taipei. Actually, although it has been made with Chinese in mind, it should be usable with any language.
MobilePhrasier: Chinese vocabulary practice on your mobile telephone
This is a version of Phrasier made to run on mobile telephones. This too should be usable with any language, not only Chinese, although it may require that your telephone had the necessary fonts to handle special charactes (like Chinese or Japanese characters).
Last modified November 11, 2008.