Syntax and the Grobner package

The programs generally use lists. These are objects (numbers, variables, polynomials, etc.) written in the form [object,object,...]. Lists are like an ordered set.

In the Grobner package and in my programs, an ideal is defined to be a list of polynomials. This list is usually refered to as the basis. The Grobner package calculates a standard form of this basis with regard to the variables. The variables must also be given as a list. To calculate a Grobner basis, use the function gbasis(basis,vars). If you have a Grobner basis, you may write a polynomial on its standard for using normalf(poly,basis,vars).

The syntax in my programs are the same as above. It should be pointed out that if you wish to view matrices, evalm() should be used. Otherwise, Maple only does formal calculations.

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Created 23 February 1996 by Einar Andreas Rødland: