DNA Uptake Sequences (DUS)

This project was initiated by Tone Tønjum. My part of it has primarily been that of helping out with statistical analyses.

The object of the study was to investigate the presence of DNA uptake signalling sequences (DUS) in the coding regions of various bacteria. Previous studies have focused on their presence outside coding regions, where they are highly abundant. We analysed their presence in coding regions and verified that in competent bacteria (i.e. capable of taking up DNA from outside the genome) where DUS are known to play a role, DUS are also highly abundant inside the coding regions.

During work on genome maintenance genes (GMG), a striking number of DUS had been observed. The main objective of the study was to compare the presence of DUS in different kinds of genes. We found that the abundance of DUS was consistently higher in GMG than coding sequences in general, though there was also some variation between other groups of genes.

For my own part, this project instigated further work on methods for analysing word frequencies in random sequences.

Last modified October 28, 2013.