Previous research

My academic background is from pure mathematics, but with quite a bit of theoretical physics. I first did a master in several complex variables, bordering to algebraic geometry. Later, after military service and a period as a consultant, I returned to the university to do a PhD in algebraic geometry.

Between the master and PhD, I worked as a consultant in medical statistics at Medstat Research AS, which has provided much of my background in statistics; many of the projects on which I worked during this period were research projects, though my part was primarily that of doing the statistical analyses.

After the PhD, I returned to consulting, starting in Teknometri AS (later part of Software Innovation ASA), though this time with a much broader scope than merely medical statistics. The main focus was at statistical analyses and data mining, with a highly diverse portfolio of projects.

Mathematical research

Here are my master and PhD theses and an article based on my PhD thesis:

The Pfaffian Calabi-Yau, its Mirror, and their link to the Grassmannian G(2,7)
An article version (i.e. short version) of my PhD-thesis.
  • Download: PS (gzipped) or PDF
  • Abstract: The rank 4 locus of a general skew-symmetric 7x7 matrix gives the pfaffian variety in P20 which is not defined as a complete intersection. Intersecting this with a general P6 gives a Calabi-Yau manifold. An orbifold construction seems to give the 1-parameter mirror-family of this. However, corresponding to two points in the 1-parameter family of complex structures, both with maximally unipotent monodromy, are two different mirror-maps: one corresponding to the general pfaffian section, the other to a general intersection of G(2,7) in P20 with a P13. Apparently, the pfaffian and G(2,7) sections constitute different parts of the A-model (Kahler structure related) moduli space, and, thus, represent different parts of the same conformal field theory moduli space.
  • Programs: Maple programs for performing calculations.
A Case of Mirror Symmetry Defined as Non-Complete Intersections and Significant Topology Change for Multiple Mirror Manifolds
Push Forward of Holomorphic Forms
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