by Anette Eleonora Gunnæs


Students who want to take a MENA of FAM master are very welcome to get in contact and discuss possible projects.

Current PhD students


Former PhD students

Current master students


Former master students


Raluca Tofan: Main supervisor ”Development and characterization of nanostructured half-Heusler thermoelectric compounds” Funding: NANO2021-THELMA project.



Fredrik S. Hage: Structure and properties of carbon cone nanoparticles. Co-supervisor. (2013).


Dan Phuong Nguyen: Co-supervisor. Synthesis and characterisation of thin films for renewable energy purposes (2013).


Kianoosh Hadidi: Co-supervisor. Atomistic strudy of interfaces in the anod electrode of proton conducting fuel cells (2012).


Kjetil Valset:  Co-supervisor. Studies of electronic structure and thermal properties of thermoelectric materials emphasising quantitative electron diffraction. (2011).







Monika Sørum Amundsen (Løberg): Main supervisor. Master thesis title: Nonstoichiometric CaMnO3: secondary phase formation and its influence on structure and transport. (June 2017)


Mohamed Yusuf Sharif: Main supervisor. Master thesis title: Nanostructured ZnO-GaN Alloys with Tailored Functionalities" (Sep. 2016)


Adrian Lervik: Main supervisor.

Master thesis title: Structure and composition of grain boundaries in the proton conducting electrolyte: Yttrium-doped Barium Zirconate. (June 2016)


Silje Andersen Bundli: Co-supervisor.

Master thesis title: Syntese og karakterisering av monodisperse edelmetaller. (June 2016)








Mauro Povia: Co-supervisor. Master thesis: In situ operando SAXS and WAXS characterization of the anode materials (a-P/C and FeSb2) for rechargeable sodium ion batteries. June 2015.


Aiden Von Bonin: Main supervisor.

Master thesis: Investigation of the growth process of silicon from the gas phase in the Dynatec centrifuge and free space reactor. June 2015


Helle Berg Bjørsom: Main supervisor.

Master thesis: Investigation of the compound layer and diffusion zone of pulsed plasma nitrided 51CrV4-steel. Sep. 2013


Aida Kazagic, Main supervisor.

Master thesis: Protective barrier coatings between catalysts and ceramic support structures. June 2013


Torunn Kjeldstad, Main supervisor. Master thesis: Termisk ledningsevne og nanaostruktur i La0.7Sr0.3CoO3-d (0<d<0.15), Des. 2012.


Dan Michael Olsen Heggø: Co-supervisor. Master thesis: Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of phosphorus diffusion in silicon, Sep. 2012.


Thomas Qureishy, Co-supervisor. Master thesis: Synthesis and structural studies of Mg2Si1-xSnx, Sep. 2012.


Petter Ingebrigtsen: Main supervisor. Alignment and sample preparation of conductive polymer/carbon nanocone adhesives for TEM, June 2012.


Domas Birenis: Main supervisor. Investigation of electronic and structural properties of silicon solar cell contact, June 2012.


Therese Sørheim Stokkan: Main supervisor. Master thesis: Structural investigation of a Ni-Nb-O phase by electron diffraction, Des. 2011.


Isaiah Ouma Omolo: Main supervisor. Master thesis title: Synthesis and structural study of titanium dioxide nanorods in chemical gradient at high temperature, June 2010.

Fredrik Sydow Haga: Main supervisor. Master thesis title: A structural investigation of erbium titanate and lanthanum tungstate by CBED, June 2009.

Annett Thøgersen: Co supervisor. Cand. Scient. Thesis title: A TEM study of the structural changes in “supermartensitic stainless steel” during deformation and welding. July 2004