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PhD (Dr polit): Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, 2004.
Thesis Title: The Norwegian Priority Setting Model: A Normative Analysis. Thesis Title: Rettferdig rasjonering av sykehusbehandling. Om den norske modellen for prioritering mellom pasienter med behov for spesialisert helsehjelp

Supervisor: Prof. Raino Malnes, University of Oslo. Exam Board: Prof. Søren Holm, Cardiff University Prof. Ole Fr. Norheim, University of Bergen


2007-                      Associate Professor, University of Oslo
2004-07                  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oslo

Former employers include the University of Oslo, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and Fafo Institute for Social Research


Nordic Network on Justice in Health (2007-)
Equality Exchange (2006-)
Nordic Network on Political Theory (2004-)
ARENA, University of Oslo, Seminar in Normative Political Theory (1995-1999)
The Ethics Programme, University of Oslo (1999-2004)


Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Research Council of Norway, Velferdsprogrammet (2 years)
Doctoral Research Grant, The Research Council of Norway, Etikkprogrammet (3 months)
Doctoral Research Grant, The Research Council of Norway, Medisin og Helse (3 years)
Research Studentship, ISF Institute for Social Research (Local Justice, Supervisor Prof. Jon Elster, 1 year).


Other interests
Member of Ensemble 96, a Norwegian chamber choir, Grammy-nominated 2007 for cd “Immortal Nystedt”. Former member of Oslo Philharmonic Choir, Oslo Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Norsk Dameensemble,a.o.


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