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    Per Eugen Kristiansen

Research Scientist
Department of Molecular Biosciences


Profesional background
Currently employed as a research scientist at the Department of Molecular Biosciences University of Oslo. Dr. sciente degree in Physical chemistry from University of Oslo, 1999. Cand. scient. degree in organic chemistry at the University of Oslo, 1993. Previous positions include: Post.Doc at University of Oslo 2002 to 2005 in J. Nissen-Meyers group, Post.Doc in J.N.S.Evans group at Washington State University 2000-2002. Dr.degree study supported by SINTEF Oslo, Engineer Statens Forurensningstilsyn, Oslo.

Research scientist in NMR structure investigations of biomolecules
Structure function determination of proteins and peptides by the application of NMR and CD spectroscopy. The possition is being founded by EMBIO.

Responsible for the biomolecualar NMR data sampling performed at the Biomolecular NMR instrument at the university of Oslo

Post.doc project at University of Oslo
Structure function determination of anitmicrobial peptides produced by lactic acid bacteria. This work is currently being developed further through the work of Phd and Master degree student in collaboration with Jon Nissen-Meyer.

Dr.degree project
My project was part of a research program on single site polymers at SINTEF Applied Chemistry initiated in 1996.
My part was to use solid-state NMR techniques to investigate polyethylenes. The work started on the 15th of July 1996 and finished the 30 June 1999. My desertation was the 22. October 1999. The abstract of my thesis can be found by pressing the link. The experimental NMR work was carried out at the group for Physical NMR at the University of Oslo, under the supervision of professor Bjørn Pedersen, Eddy Hansen Currently Professor at Department of Chemistry at the University of Oslo, previosly emplied SINTEF Applied Chemistry.

Main research interests
Structure function determination of peptides, proteins, biologically important organic compounds and polymers. Methods used in structure function determination are liquid and solidstate NMR, CD spectroscopy, computers in structure prediction, docking and moleculardynamics simmulations and mutagenisis.

I do also have more general interest in chemistry and computers.

List of publications.

Privat information and interest
My personal interest are my family. The good aspects of life; food, wine, music, sailing and skiing.

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