Sport and wildlife activities

All though i got injured in a climbing acident in 1994 and therefore is dependent on a wheelchair this handicap has not prevented me from a activ life. By clicking here you might find a picture of me and my wheelchair out snowmobiling at Svalbard

Before my acident i was a very eager outdoor and wild life enthusiast among other things. My interest for the the silence, the brother hood felt by people enjoing the nature together and the strong emotional moods the nature can give me is still appreciated, and frequently sougth. Skiing, Sailing and Horseback riding have been some of the ways I have managed to obtain an activ the outdoor life.

At the age of 7 I started sailing. The first years I sailed a Optimist, later i have been sailing every summer. Only 9 months after my injury i went on my first sailing tour along the Norwegian cost together with a friend. The winther of 1998 my younger brother Jon who have been sailing regatas for some years saw an advertisement asking for handicaped sailor to compeat in sailing which i answered. Since then I have been an active regatta sailor.

Currently Im a part of the Norwegian national sailing team sailing a Sonar together with Aleksander Wang-Hansen and Jostein Stordahl. We have a homepage with more information on our sailing . For those interested in a good reference on regatta sailing i will advice you to follow the link to RACING Basics I was earlier competing in the 2.4 mR class.

Skiing has always been one of my main interests, and only weeks after my injury, while I still stayed in Hospital, I bought a Sitski. Norway is a greate place for skiing. With the Sitski and friends I have been around the southern part of Norway skiing. Some pictures of me skiing can be found here. Skiinfo is the best way of exploring information on skiing in Norway on the web. The Winther 1998 I went to Le Deux Alpes to ski, a greate place for offpist skiing. This is one of my greatest skiing experiences so far. Due to lack of snow have I not been able to go skiing her in the US jet, but I am looking forward to some good days on ski this winter. I just got a new sitski unit I really am looking forward to use.

Sport fishing
Is an other hobby of mine, unfortenately do all the other hobbies take so much time that i rearly get to enjoy. When I am out sailing on longer trips during the summer I do however always bring my fishing gear. A picture of me out in a boat

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