Portrait of Evgenij Thorstensen

Evgenij Thorstensen

Doctoral student,
St. Anne's College,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Oxford

Email: evgenith@gmail.com | GPG key
Cell phone: +44 78 05 19 40 59

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


I am currently studying for a doctoral degree in the Constraint Satisfaction for Configuration project of Georg Gottlob and Peter Jeavons. Configuration problems have so far been treated with a variety of formalisms, CSP-based and otherwise. In this project we will compare different approaches and try to identify various tractable classes of configuration problems.

My master's thesis (DUO link) is about the application of instance-based methods to a subset of first-order logic called coherent logic. I adapted a particular method called Next-Generation Hyper-Tableaux to avoid skolemization in coherent formulae. My thesis advisors were Martin Giese and Arild Waaler.

My doctoral thesis is about the complexity of problems involving global constraints.


Between 2007 and 2009 I worked for Symphonical A/S, the software company behind the collaboration tool of the same name. At Symphonical, I coded on the system back-end, which is written in Python. Our system allows you to plan and organize any part of your life, alone or in collaboration with other people. Symphonical is free to use — try it!


I am evgenith on Twitter. Follow me!

Sometimes I write code that others find useful; if possible, I release it on my GitHub account.

Privacy and security

Recent events prompt me to stress the obvious: If you have something sensitive to tell me by e-mail, please, please use encryption! My GPG key can be found on the top of this page; instructions on how to use it are widely availible on the internet. You are also free to take a look at GPG/PGP Basics — scroll to the bottom to see how you can encrypt something using GPG and my public key. There is also a Firefox extension called FireGPG that allows you to integrate GPG with webmail services.