I am currently a doctoral research fellow affiliated to the Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences at the University of Oslo. I am supervised by Dr. Simen Kvaal and Prof. Dr. Trygve Helgaker . My research interest is the mathematical analysis in electronic structure. More precisely, the numerical analysis of time independent multi-refernce coupled-cluster schemes.

Academic Background

My background is from mathematics and theoretical physics. Within my master's thesis I started specializing in mathematical aspects of quantum chemistry. I hold the following degrees awarded to me by my alma mater, the technical university of Berlin:
  • Master of Science in Mathematics (August 2017, final grade: 1.1 (97.5/100), Thesis 1.0 (100/100))

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (July 2016, final grade: 1.2 (96.7/100), Thesis 1.0 (100/100))

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (August 2015, 1.8 (86.7/100), Thesis 1.0 (100/100))

Research Collaborations

At this time, I am actively collaborating with the following researchers and their affiliated groups
  • Asst. Prof. Lin Lin
    Department of Mathematics, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA
    Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA

  • Dr. Örs Legeza
    Strongly Correlated Systems "Lendület" Research Group, Wigner Research Centre for Physics , Budapest, Hungary

  • Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schneider
    Department of Mathematics, technical university of Berlin, Berlin, Germany