Farid Ould-Saada, 
Professor, Experimental Particle Physics - wiki , Department of Physics, University of Oslo,
Post Office box 1048, Blindern, 0316 Oslo, Norway - Office:  Ø377B(east wing)
Tel: +47 22855056  Mob: +47 94861474  Fax: +47 22856422 
E-mail: Farid.Ould-Saada@fys.uio.no
Physics Research
Mainly ATLAS experiment at LHC, CERN, see Research activities for more details. 
Research interests include various aspects of New Physics beyond the Standard Model theory.
Supersymmetry & Dark Matter, New forces (Z',W'), Extra space dimensions (graviton, black holes), Higgs.
Supervised ATLAS PhD theses on Searches for New Physics: Congratulations Katarina, Eirik, Maiken, Magnar! 
Goog luck Vanja and Knut! 
Since January 1st 2006, Leader of the Norwegian High Energy Particle Physics Project.
Member of the ATLAS Collaboration Board.
Strategic Dark Matter Initiative (SDI) towards SFF 
Previous activities
Computing Grid
Distributed computing and Previous activities
Chair of the NorduGrid Collaboration. 
Leader of NordForsk-funded «ARC for eInfrastructures
EU funded EMI (European Middleware Initiative) – CB and ECB member
Project director of EU funded KnowARC. 
Leader of Nordunet3 funded NGIn research and education project. 
Member of the NDGF CERN advisory committee and of ATLAS ICB (International Computing Board)
Teaching & Outreach
FYS4560 - Elementary particle physics (course page FYS4560)
FYS3510 - Subatomic physics with applications in astrophysics  (course page FYS3510)
FYS2010 - Aktuell forskning i fysikk (course page 2005) (2006) 

EPF weekly Seminar HEP Colloquium

Outreach Member of International Particle Physics Outreach Group, IPPOG. 
IPPOG Master Classes Hands on particle physics    Particle Adventure
Master & PhD Subjects: [ppt] [pdf]        More subjects: Exotic Phenomena 08
... and ...
Fan of Arilas, JS Kabylie, Zidane