Research areas and Student Supervision at University of Oslo

My research is in high energy particle physics, currently with the ATLAS experiment at LHC. Together with master and PhD students I take part in searches Beyond Standard Model (BSM): Supersymmetry and dark matter (including Higgs), New symmetries (Gauge Bosons W', Z')Extra dimensions (Graviton, black-holes). Note the colour coding specifying the search field.
Other interests include: Astroparticle Physics, Neutrino Physics, Distributed (Grid) Computing, Education & Outreach.


Knut OddvarH. Vadla
Search for new di-lepton resonances at 8 TeV with ATLAS at LHC
Master, 2015
Ida Marie Bentsen (Gjelsten)
Study of same-sign dileptonic final states and identification of Supersymmetry
Master, 2015
Vanja Morisbak
Vanja Morisbak
New physics with 2-lepton final states with ATLAS: Z'
PhD on going with 8 and 13 TeV data
Master, 12/2010
PhD, 2016
Magnar K. Bugge
Magnar K. Bugge
New physics with 1-lepton final states with ATLAS: W'
PhD on-going with ATLAS data at 7 and 8 TeV
Master, 06/2010
PhD, 04/2015
Gunn K. Larsen
Supersymmetric same sign di-leptons
Master, 11/2010
Maiken Pedersen
Maiken Pedersen
A study of the supersymmetric opposite sign di-lepton channel
Direct gaugino and slepton search in di-lepton final states and ATLAS discovery for education
Master, 06/2008
PhD, 2014
Eirik Gramstad
Eirik Gramstad
Search for the lightest MSSM Higgs boson in cascades of supersymmetric particles in ATLAS
Searches for Supersymmetry in di-lepton final states with the ATLAS detector at 7 TeV
Master, 06/2008
PhD, 09/2013
Katarina Pajchel
Searches for Supersymmetry in multi-lepton final states with the ATLAS detector and related challenges
PhD, 2010
Torkjel Huse (Stapnes)
+ Assembly of Silicon Detector and Simulation of ADD Model for ATLAS
PhD, ??
Mustafa Hussain
Simulation of a search for the narrow graviton resonance at the LHC
Master, 05/2006
Heidi Sandaker (Stapnes)
SemiConductor Tracker Development and Physics Simulation
PhD, 09/2005
Robindra Prabhu
Studies of Higher Dimensional Black Holes with the ATLAS detector at the LHC.
Master, 06/2005
Marianne Johansen
Detector simulation, exclusive search and mass measurements for Supersymmetry at ATLAS.
Master, 05/2005
Yuriy Pylypchenko
Study of chi_c production at HERA-B
PhD, 12/2004
Andreas Christensen
Charmonium production at HERA-B
Master, 06/02