Finn Knut Hansen, Professor Emeritus

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Status: Dr.Techn, Professor of Colloid- and Surface Chemistry 
Office: Chemistry Building, V126
Lab: V105  (tel 55542)
Phone Tel. no: (+47) 22855554 (local 55554), mob. 91778046 
Fax Fax no: (+47) 22855542 
Letter Mail address: Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Oslo, P.O.Box 1033 Blindern, 0315 Oslo, Norway
E-mail E-mail: f.k.hansen (NO SPAM)

My Home Page at the Department of Chemistry Drop Instrument DROP Instrument
Measurement of surface energy of polymers (pdf).
List of publications Dripping Drop DROPimage software
Investigation over "competitive growth" in seed polymerization of vinyl chloride (Master thesis 1970)

Research interests:

My interests are within nanoparticles and surface chemistry.

Nanoparticles include:

Surface chemistry includes:

The objective of research is to improve the understanding of chemical and physical mechanisms that are important for the preparation and use of polymer colloids, and develop new or improved products and processes of practical importance.

NOTE: Do not send me requests for PhD-positions, internships, Post.doc. or Master positions. I cannot accept more students because of age restictions, and positions in Norway have all to be anounced publicly. You should follow these announcment if you are interested in positions in Norway.