Grey heron

Grey heron - B&W

An early morning, Pusztaszer.

Barcode, Oslo

Barcode, Oslo

A fantastic light one Sunday afternoon.

Grey heron

Grey heron - Color

In beautiful morning sun, Pusztaszer.

Morning sun at Forskningsparken, Oslo

Forskningsparken, Oslo

Apocalypse. On my way to work.

White-tailed eagle

White-tailed eagle, Pusztaszer

Catching a fish.

Bike racks

Bike racks - B&W

Function and design - Barcode, Oslo.



On the hunt. Photo is taken in a small nature reserve in Belgium.

Kelenföld Power Plant

Kelenföldi erömü

Art Deco treasures at the Kelenföld Power Plant.



Visiting Hungarobirds, Túrkeve.

Kelenföld Power Plant - Control panel

Kelenföld power plant

The Kelenföld Power Plant is protected as an “industrial heritage” building.

Sparrowhawk having a bath


Morning bath, Pusztaszer.

Locomotive 424.009


The MÁV class 424 is a famous class of Hungarian steam locomotives. The class appears in numerous nostalgic remembrances, in literature, in the movies and as models.


The colorful Bee-Eater

Taken at a Bee-Eater colony, Pusztaszer.

On the roof of the Opera House, Oslo

The Opera House, Oslo

Sunset - Magical Evening Light.

White-tailed eagle

White-tailed Eagle

Looking straight at me!


Ellingsrud, Oslo

Skiing, on the way to Mariholtet.



Leaving the nest after feeding the children.

Poppy field

Poppy field in sunset

I was out driving on the country side, Hungary. I had to stop...

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Visting the brigdes on a rainy day. Brooklyn Bridge seen from Manhattan Bridge.

A Subway Station in NYC

A Subway Station in NYC

Every way I turned there were always people and often someone playing. Here a fantastic guitar player.

King's College in Cambridge

King's College seen from The Backs in Cambridge.

Cambridge has become a place I call home.

Punting in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge.

The lovely Cam River with boats lined up.

Lake Gjende in Jotunheimen

Lake Gjende in Jotunheimen

We were waiting for the boat back to Gjendesheim when the sun managed to break through the clouds.