About Fredrik

As a recently graduated petroleum geoscientist from the University of Oslo. my main geoscientific interest is oil & gas exploration, focusing on the use of organic geochemistry to understand petroleum systems. Other areas of interest are the use of software and digitalization to solve geoscientific problems. I'm also currently a board member of the SPE Oslo section and student chapter, and eager to attend SPE and NGF events in Oslo to get more insight on Norwegian geology and oil & gas engineering.

As a person who enjoys being outdoors, I attended UNIS for a semester and worked for the University of Oslo as a field assistant in Utah, USA. I'm passionate about computer science, which I'm currently studying at the University of Oslo. Other interests include education, musicology and horology.

Master thesis description

The master thesis is a study of maturity, organofacies, reservoir filling and biodegradation of the Johan Sverdrup Field. Crudes and core extracts was analyzed using Iatroscan TLC-FID, GC-FID and GC-MS. The objective of the study was to further understand the petroleum accummulation of the Johan Sverdrup Field by assessing the factors mentioned in combination with an interpretation of source kitchen--reservoir migration and South Viking Graben oil family relationships.

The thesis can be read by clicking on the link in the panel on the right side. If you are interested in knowing more about my master thesis or education in general, please let me know.

- Fredrik