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Finn Tschudi [Comments to this website will be appreciated]
Professor Emeritus. Dept. of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway.  I'm sometimes at my office at UIO, but mostly I work from home: Etterstadsletta 99B, 0660 Oslo, Norway.  Contact me on my  mobile +47 412 62 862,  home +47 22 65 74 83

eMail: finn.tschudi@psykologi.uio.no

Articles are presented in seven categories listed above (from ‘Conflict transformation’ to ‘Bits and pieces’) and ordered by date within each category, and all articles are also Sorted by year. Click on the one you want to inspect. Most of the articles can be downloaded for visual inspection and/or printing by clicking the website name appearing after download

Some biographical information.  I have worked at the University of Oslo for all my professional life. I first had responsibility for teaching statistics and psychometrics, but gradually switched to teaching cognitive, social and personality psychology, I enjoyed teaching  You can download an example of how I have been seen as a teacher from 2000 in Grids and cognitive mapping.

 In 1998 I retired from my position as professor at the Institute of Psychology, At about that time I was recruited to TRANSCEND by Johan Galtung  http://www.transcend.org and then decided to learn more about conflicts. I thus went to Australia and became acquainted with restorative justice which since then is one of my main interests.  

I am also interested in humiliation and am on the board of the organization started by my friend Evelin Lindner http://www.humiliationstudies.org. More biographical information on http://www.humiliationstudies.org/whoweare/board04.php#tschudi

I am also on the editorial board of Journal of Constructivist Psychology.

For re-creation I like to spend time at my beloved mountain cabin, bordering on Hardangervidda in Telemark. After three successive additions there are now six bedrooms, each with two beds - ideal for 'symposia' = 'joyful intellectual gatherings'. At the bottom of the page you can see the view from the cabin.

Finally I will here express my deep gratitude to my two sons Per and Jon, both for necessary help in composing this website and for help in developing and programming my grid programs. Magni Martens has been most helpful in restructuring the web

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