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Grids and cognitive mapping

FLEXIGRID. 6. (1994/1998). Oslo, Tschudi Systems Sales. 205 pages.

Finn Tschudi (1988). Matrix representation in expert systems. AI – Expert (October) 44-54. download 1988_Matrix.rep-Raw.pdf

MULTIGRID (1992/2005).
Oslo, Tschudi Systems Sales. 150 pages

Finn Tschudi & Chess Denmann (1989). Is psychiatric
terminology a distinct way of construing? A new look using multiple repertory grid techniques. Paper presented at: Eight International Conference of Personal Construct Psychology, Asissi. Italy, download 1989_Terminology.pdf

Einar Hackner & Finn Tschudi (1993). Note on cognitive mapping in the teaching of management. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 10, 281-289, download 1993_mapping.pdf

Finn Tschudi (1994). FLEXIGRID, Hermans Self-Confrontational Method (SCM) and Tomkins’ Script Theory, EPCA NEWSLETTER, 40-42, download 1994_Hermans.pdf

Einar Häckner, Lars Bjørklund, Elisabet Fendell, Marie Sellen & Finn Tschudi (1996).
BILDER OCH MOTBILDER. Elevers och lærares førestallningar om yrkesinriktad Gymnasieutbildning. Høgskolan i Luleå, Luleå University, Sweden.

Finn Tschudi & Hallvard Føllesdal.
(1997). Comparing idiographic grid methodology with Holland’s nomothetic theory of vocational personalities. Paper presented at llth International Conference on Personal Construct Psychology, July 9-12.

Eileen O’Connell, John Porter & Finn Tschudi (2000). Project Stimulus: Segmentation for Transport In Markets Using Latent User Psychological Structures. (E.C. contract No. RO-97-SC 2161 (DG Vll 4th Framework RTD programme). Paper presented at the EPCA Conference April, 2000, 39 pages, download EPCA paper.pdf

Nick Reed (2000). Finn Tschudi-Repertory Grid Analysis. Workshop Report. EPCA NEWLSETTER, 9,1,8 42-43, download 2000_GRIDWORKSHOP.pdf

Peter Øhman, Einar Hackner, Anna-Maria Jansson, & Finn Tschudi (2006). Swedish Auditors view of Auditing: Doing Things Right versus Doing the Right Things. European Accounting Review, 15, 89-114, download 2006_Auditors.pdf

David Winter, Finn Tschudi & Nick Gilbert (2006).  Psychotherapists Theoretical Orientations as Elaborative Choices. In Peter Caputi, Heather Foster and Linda Viney (Eds.), Personal Construct Psychology. New ideas. (pp. 131-150). Wiley, West Sussex, England, download 2006_Psychotherapist.pdf

Finn Tschudi & Magni Martens (2011). A constructivist approach to grid studies.  Paper presented at: 19th International Conference on Personal Construct Psychology, Boston, MA. 11 pages, download 2011_auditorgrids.pdf

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