Galen Gisler
Fluid Processes Group  
galen . gisler at fys . uio . no

A little about me...

I started work at PGP on 1 April 2006, having just moved from Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. I am group coordinator for the Fluid Processes Group, in which we try to understand interactions between rocks and fluids and how these contribute to forming the patterns we see in Earth’s crust. For more information, please see the link at left.

I am married to Susan Gisler, a pediatric nurse practitioner. We live in Lørenskog, a suburb 15 km east of Oslo, and a lovely community. We have been married for 26+ years, and lived most of our married life in Los Alamos. The move to Norway was a major adventure for us, filled with new opportunities, new friendships, and exploration. We have two children: Andy graduated from Yale University with a Batchelor's degree in Physics in 2008, and is currently in graduate school at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Ellie graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2010 with a degree in Music, and is living in Brooklyn. Our children visit us here in Norway frequently on their breaks from studies, and we get back to the US to see them when we can. We also have a dog, Tipper, a noble but aging mutt, that we acquired from the Espa˝ola animal shelter in 1995. She bravely traveled alone on Continental Airlines to meet us in September 2006, and has adapted well to Norway; she has always loved snow! She is getting old, however, and is not as eager for long walks as she used to be.

Susan and I are both amateur musicians and actors. She plays piano, guitar, hammered dulcimer, flute, and pennywhistle, and I play piano, harp, and recorders. We both sing, as well. We performed with several musical ensembles in Northern New Mexico, including the Celtic folk band Bonnie Bedlam, the Santa Fe Early Music Ensemble, and the St James Carolers. Susan led a children's choir at the Los Alamos Unitarian Church, and I participated in the adult choir there. We both acted in plays and musicals presented by the Los Alamos Little Theater and the Los Alamos Light Opera. Sometimes our children performed with us as well. Here in Norway we are both singing with the Akademisk Korforening and Susan has also sung with the L°renskog Damekor.

We love outdoor activities, especially hiking and skiing. We are happy that snow conditions are more reliable here in Norway than they were in the Southern Rocky Mountains, though we sometimes miss the abundance of sunny days for skiing that the mountains of New Mexico offered.

Here are some pictures of us before we moved to Oslo.

Here are some pictures of us since we moved to Oslo.

And here are some pictures some of our favorite places in the world.

You will find more of our pictures on my public Facebook page .