Head Engineer December 2011 - Now

University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Responsible for the high availability of systems, servers, networking, storage and related components for scientific research IT platform.


Linux System Administrator

Set up automation installation and con guration system based on PXE, Debain,Ubuntu and Puppet.

Set up dynamic cloud based scaling web service based on Perlbal load balancer,Amazon EC2 and Apache.

Set up and compared performance of virtualization technologies KVM, Xen and VMWare.

Set up monitoring, intrusion and detection system based on Nagios, iptables,Snort and Munin.

Network Administrator

System Automation and Scripting


University of Oslo, August 2010 - June 2012

Master in Network and System Administration

Master thesis: A comparison of Two Linux Schedulers

This thesis compares CFS and O(1) with respect to the theoretical differences, by literature survey, and performance differences by testings. Differences then are presented in this thesis, and based on the results from testings, some recommendations are made to users. Please click Thesis for a full version of thesis.

Communication University of China, September 2006 - June 2010

Bachelor in Computer Science


RedHat Certificated Engineer

On going