Geir Overskeid
Professor of psychology

Research interests
General psychology. Koro.

Some publications  
Overskeid, G. (2016). Power and autistic traits. Frontiers in Psychology, 7.


Overskeid, G., Grønnerød, C., & Simonton, D. K. (2012). The personality of a nonperson:

Gauging the inner Skinner. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7, 187-197.

Overskeid, G. (2009). Dårlige følelser på jobb – og betraktninger om hva man kan gjøre

med dem. I P. Ø. Saksvik & K. Nytrø (red.) (2009). Klinisk organisasjons-

psykologi (s. 13-40). Oslo: Cappelen Akademisk Forlag.

Overskeid, G. (2007). Looking for Skinner and finding Freud. American Psychologist,

          62, 590-595.

Overskeid, G. (2003). Sprø som selleri: Hvor gærne psykologene egentlig er (og

psykiaterne er enda verre). Oslo: Pax.

Kaufmann, G., Drevland, G. C. B., Wessel, E., Overskeid, G., & Magnussen, S. (2003).

The importance of being earnest: Displayed emotions and witness credibility.

Applied Cognitive Psychology, 17, 21-34.
Overskeid, G. (2000). The slave of the passions: Experiencing problems and selecting

solutions. Review of General Psychology, 4, 211-237.

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Geir Overskeid
Department of Psychology
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1094 Blindern
0317 OSLO

Phone: + 47 2284 5133

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