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PDF files from Eriksen's site

Please consult the indexes for a full list of available texts.

Latest update: April 2012.


• Liming: The Art of Doing Nothing (1990)

• The Cultural Contexts of Ethnic Differences (1991)

Us and Them in Modern Societies (1992), Chapters 1 (Introduction: On the Study of Ethnicity and Ethnicities), 4 (Ethnicity versus Nationalism) and 7 (New World Indians: A Comparison Between Mauritius and Trinidad)

• Linguistic Hegemony and Minority Resistance (1992)

• A Future-Oriented, Non-Ethnic Nationalism? (1993)

• International Relations as a Cultural System: An Agenda for Research (with Iver B. Neumann) (1993)

• In Which Sense Do Cultural Islands Exist? (1993)

• Formal and Informal Nationalism (1993)

• Nationalism, Mauritian Style: Cultural Unity and Ethnic Diversity (1994)

• The Author as Anthropologist: Some West Indian Lessons About the Relevance of Fiction for Anthropology (1994)

• In Search of Brussels: Creolization, Insularity and Identity Dilemmas in Post-National Europe (1995)

• We and Us: Two Modes of Group Identification (1995)

• A Non-Ethnic State for Africa? A Life-World Approach (1996)

• Mauritian Society Between the Ethnic and the Non-Ethnic (1997)

Common Denominators (Chapter 5: Contested symbols – language and religion) (1998)

• Between Universalism and Relativism: A Critique of the UNESCO Concept of Culture (2001)

• Ethnic Identity, National Identity, and Intergroup Conflict: The Significance of Personal Experiences (2001)

• The Colonial and the Postcolonial: A View from Scandinavia on Italian Minority Issues (2002)

• Creolization and creativity (2003)

• Ethnicity, Class and the 1999 Mauritian Riots (2004)

What is Anthropology? (2004) Chapter 1

• Media Speed: Notes on an Accelerating Culture (2005)

• How Can the Global be Local? (2005)

• Mind the Gap: Flexibility, Epistemology and the Rhetoric of New Work (2005)

• Cultural Contagion in a New Key (2006)

• Economies of Ethnicity (2006)

• Complexity in social and cultural integration: Some analytical dimensions (2007) creole

• Creolization in anthropological theory and in Mauritius (2007) creole

• The cartoon controversy and the possibility of cosmopolitanism (2007) creole

• Some questions about flags (2007) kva

• Tunnel Vision (2007) kva

• Nationalism and the Internet (2007) kva

• Stacking and temporality (2007) kva

• Ernest Gellner and the multicultural mess (2007) kva

• Steps to an ecology of transnational sport (2007) kva

• Trust and reciprocity in transnational flows (2008) kva

• The Otherness of Norwegian Anthropology (2009) kva

• The challenges of anthropology (2010) kva

• A darker shade of pale: Cultural intimacy in an age of terrorism (2011) kva

• Two tales of cultural diversity (2011) kva

• Xenophobic exclusion and the New Right in Norway (2012) kva


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• Etnisitet, nasjonalisme og minoriteter: Begrepsavklaring og noen kritiske refleksjoner (1992)

Kulturelle veikryss (1994), kapittel 1 og 2: "Det tapte kulturelle øyrike" og "Bombay: Hypermodernitet, Indian style"

• Hverdagsliv i Andeby før og nå (1997)

Kosmopolitikk (med Halvor Finess Tretvoll), forordet + kapittel 1 (2007) kva

• Ytringsfrihet og globalisering (2007) kva

• Innledning til Frihet (m/Arne Johan Vetlesen, 2007) kva

• Akademisk ambivalens: Intervju med Harald Eidheim (2008) kva

Små steder, store spørsmål, 3. utgave – 1. kapittel (2010) kva

• Det store bildet (2011) kva

• Frihet og determinisme (2011) kva

• Fra misforståelse til irrelevans? (2011) kva