Thomas Hylland Eriksen, b. 1962, Dr. polit. (social anthropology), University of Oslo, Senior Research Fellow (PRIO, International Institute of Peace Research) 1990-1, Senior Lecturer, University of Oslo 1991-5, Professor, University of Oslo 1995-. Editor, Samtiden 1993-2001, EASA Newsletter 1992-4, Norsk antropologisk tidsskrift (Norwegian Journal of Anthropology) 1993-7. Fieldwork in Mauritius and Trinidad. Academic writings on ethnicity, identity politics, nationalism, anthropological theory, minority issues etc. Semi- or non-academic writings on various issues, including national vanity, Indian literature, evolution, anarchism and improvised music. He is also a passionate believer in the medium of writing.

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This portrait was made (in clay; this is a plaster cast) by a remarkable sculptor named Ashot Tonoian. On his web site, more of his work is displayed, as well as some of his wife, Elena Akopian's work. Recommended!