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The Biotechnology Center of Oslo
The Norwegian Center for Molecular Medicine
University of Oslo, Norway
Research Computing Services (VD)

I earn my living as Head of the joint IT Unit of the Biotechnology Center of Oslo and the Norwegian Center for Molecular Medicine at the University of Oslo. I also serve as a Senior Systems Engineer at the Research Services/High Performance Computing group (USIT), designing, operating and troubleshooting scientific computing infrastructures that support bioinformatics at the 'Titan' and 'Abel' supercomputers. I am the Chair of the EMBnet Technical Management SIG (previously known as the Technical Management Project Committee (TMPC)). At the same time, I am associated with the Center for Security Communications and Network Research (CSCAN), University of Plymouth, UK.

I received my BSc (Hons) MPhil and PhD degrees from the School of Computing and Mathematics at the University of Plymouth, UK.

My research interests lie in the areas of intrusion detection systems (insider misuse, computer forensics and intrusion specification) , Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), bioinformatics, and high performance computing. My PhD thesis involved the production of a DSL prototype to specify insider misuse attacks. The Insider Threat Prediction Specification Language (ITPSL) is currently under development. For more information, visit my project CSCAN web pages, as well as the following publications list.

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Distributed Computing - BOINC Platform
    I have been a Distributed Computing enthusiast, volunteer and developer since 2006, mainly working with the BOINC platform in the fields of process scheduling, as well as data communication performance for life science projects. Distributed Computing projects form the world's largest Supercomputer and advance scientific research. If you often leave your computer idle while you work, consider downloading the BOINC client and joining one of the DC projects. You help science by donating your space CPU time to one of the projects listed under BOINC.
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    The Norwegian Center for Molecular Medicine, University of Oslo
    Floors 4 and 5, House 2, Forskingsparken
    Gaustadalleen 21 0349 Oslo, Norway
    0047 22840535/0047 22840501