About Me

Gisle Hannemyr is an independent author, speaker, and consultant on Internet usability and design. He is currently teaching and pursuing resarch interests at Institute of Informatics at the University of Oslo, where he is a lecturer (lektor). He is also a member of the Norwegian Creative Commons working group.

His current research interests are power and democracy, e-commerce, computer security, computers and law, information architecture, distributed multimedia, standards and open systems, free software, open access, information infrastructure, and resource discovery in large information spaces.

He has authored and contributed to several books about technology. His latest books are Hva er Internett (Universitetsforlaget 2005), Sammensatte tekster (Cappelen Damm 2009) and Digitale medier; (Universitetsforlaget 2015).


If you need free a photo of me to illustrate an interview or article, you can download and use one of those below that is not tagged with © (for images tagget with ©, contact photographer to clear permissions). Some of the photograhs are also available in large sizes suitable for print publications - right click on the links below the photographs and save to download the larger sizes. For credit/attribution for the free photographs, use: “Photo: Private”.

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