Below are links to the full text of some papers and manuscripts by me.


  1. The Internet as Hyperbole: A Critical Examination of Adoption Rates (2003)
  2. Technology and Pleasure: Considering Hacking Constructive (1999)
  3. Technology as Prosthesis: The Future's so Bright I gotta wear Shades! (1998)
  4. The Art and Craft of Hacking (1998)
  5. Images of Technology: Pentimento (1996)


  1. Internet Surveillance and Censorship in Norway (2010)
  2. A Conversation with Phil Zimmerman (1998)
  3. Caveat Clicker: Adobe PDF and Trojan Horses (1998)

All texts linked to from this page is in English. If you read Norwegian, you may also want to look at the page that links to my online texts in Norwegian.

For more publications by me, please see my selective bibliography in English and Norwegian, or the list of publications that are registered in the Cristin database.