The CRIsp SPectral EXplorer

An IDL data cube browsing and analysis tool

Welcome to the CRISPEX reference pages. The purpose of these pages is first and foremost to offer an overview of the options and possibilities that are available with the IDL widget program CRISPEX. In addition, you can obtain your official release copy of the CRISPEX distribution here; just visit the Download page. Alternatively, CRISPEX is distributed through SolarSoft as part of the IRIS package.

CRISPEX (Vissers and Rouppe van der Voort, 2012) has been developed at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (University of Oslo) in order to facilitate browsing and analysis of large data sets obtained with the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope, and in particular the data obtained with the CRisp Imaging SpectroPolarimeter (CRISP) instrument. Since version 1.7 it has been extended to accomodate FITS files with data from the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS), shifting the focus to browsing and analysis of multi-instrument data sets. However, CRISPEX can be employed to analyse any type of data, as long as the format in which the data are supplied obeys certain constraints. Please have a look at the Tutorial for more information.