I currently supervise these MSc students:

  • August Haug Hem is investigating user data from Nabobil, a site where people can rent out their cars. He aims to improve price-availability models and search results. The supervision is conducted together with Dag Sjøberg and the thesis is due at the end of 2018.

  • Jonas Sandbekk is evaluating the use of technology in the automatic grading of programming assignment for students. He is studying the nbgrader module for Jupyter notebooks and his thesis is due summer 2018.

I have previously supervised these MSc students:

I have also been involved in data collection and analysis of the work by two MSc students at the Norwegian Business School (BI). Together with their supervisor, Dr. Thorvald Hærem, they investigated the effect of education and experience on programming estimates and skill.

External funding

  • In 2014, our start-up company Technebies was granted a SkatteFUNN project. Total project budget is approximately €800,000 for the 2014–2017 period, of which the Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway funds 20 percent.

  • Through our start-up company Technebies, which is partially based on my work during the PhD, we received about €225,000 from the FORNY 2020 programme at the Norwegian Research Council in 2012. The funding was for the 2012–2014 period.

  • I received external funding for data collection during my PhD through an application to the Norwegian Research Council (FORNY) called "Applied Knowledge Assessments: Developing a standardized Java programming computerized adaptive test for the international ICT industry." Simula Innovation was the contract partner. Funding was about €130,000 for the 2007–2008 period.