ESF Exploratory Workshop EtymArab        (last updated March 29, 2017)

Breaking the Grounds of an Etymological Dictionary of the Arabic Language


Let yourself inspire by the material that is downloadable from the present website!

·         EDALC_PowerPont_slides

a pdf of a Powerpoint presentation with sample entries

·         Fronzaroli2005_Etymologies

Pelio Fronzaroli, "Etymologies", Aula Orientalis 23 (2005): 35-43.

·         EtymologicalDictionaries_samples

a pdf containing samples from some etymological dictionaries (most of them used also in the EDALC_PowerPoint presentation)

·         Pennacchio_Etymology

Catherine Pennacchio’s presentation

·         Mikaili_EDAL

Peyman Mikaili’s presentation (updated version)

·         SampleEntries_131228

Stephan Guth, Some sample entries, distributed on the occasion of the 32nd all-German conference of Oriental Studies (Deutscher Orientalistentag, Sept. 2013) and a guest lecture at the university of Erlangen-Nürnberg (17Dec2013)

·         SampleEntries_140818

Stephan Guth, Some sample entries, distributed on the occasion of the 32nd World Congress of Middle East Studies (WOCMES, Aug. 2014, Ankara/Turkey)

·         SampleEntries_170328

Stephan Guth, The Etymology of Generosity-Related Terms: A Presentation of the EtymArab© Project – Part II”, Folia Orientalia 53 (2016): 59-104


On the same website you will also find some


·       ESF_EW_Application_2012_excerpts

the successful proposal (main body)

·       EtymArab_Programme_prelim

priliminary workshop programme (as sent earlier with official invitation by ESF)

·       EtymArab_Participants_prelimList

priliminary list of participants (as sent earlier with official invitation by ESF)

·       EtymArab/00_Practical_information

the pdf "Practical information" which was also attached to an earlier e-mail

·       EtymArab/00_Venues

an overview over the venues (workshop, dinners), with maps

as well as FORMS you need to fill in order to GET REIMBURSED:

·       00_Reimbursement_form

main form

·       00_AccountInformation_form

supplement to the preceding


a photo of the group (taken by Antonella – thanks for this!) : download .