European Association for Modern Arabic Literature

All about Membership
see Constitution, § 4
Bi-annual subscription fees
  • 40 EUR for ordinary members (Fellows)*
  • 100 EUR for corporate membership
  • 20 EUR for associate or student members
* Fees for fellows may be reduced to those of associate/student members on the fellow’s personal request and with approval of the Executive Committee.
Bi-annual subscriptions shall fall due at each GM. If a member does not attend the GM, subscriptions are to be paid until 31 December of the year in which the GM was held, on the account indicated below. [For other ways of payment click here].
Bank details
EURAMAL c/o Sobhi Boustani
Société Générale (Paris / France)
IBAN: FR76 30003 01884 00050853803 10
(Banque: 30003; Guichet: 01884; Numéro de compte: 00050853803; Clé: 10)

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