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Nijmegen 1992 Love, Marriage and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature. Ed. Roger Allen & Hilary Kilpatrick. London: Saqi Books, 1994.  » Contents
Oxford 1994 Writing the Self: Autobiographical writing in modern Arabic literature. Ed. Robin Ostle et al. London: Saqi Books, 1998.  » Contents
Paris 1997 La poétique de l'espace dans la littérature arabe moderne / sous la dir. de Boutros Hallaq, Robin Ostle & Stefan Wild. Paris: Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2002. » Contents
Venezia 1999 Literary Innovation in Modern Arabic Literature. Schools and Journals. Ed. Rosella Dorigo. Published in Quaderni di Studi Arabi 18 (2000). » Contents
Bonn 2001 Identity Remembered, Discovered, Invented. Ed. by Boutros Hallaq, Paul Starkey, Stefan Wild. Published in Middle Eastern Literatures 9,2 (2006). » Contents
Kraków 2003 Intertextuality in Modern Arabic Literature since 1967. Ed. Luc Deheuvels, Barbara Michalak-Pikulska and Paul Starkey. Durham, UK : Durham University, Modern Language Series, 2006. » Contents
Bern 2005 The Creativity of Exile and the Diaspora. Middle Eastern Writers Re-Thinking Literature, Society, Politics, ... Ed. Stephan Guth, Hilary Kilpatrick and Sobhi Boustani. In: Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques 62.4 (2008): 1097-1240. » Contents  
Uppsala 2008 From New Values to New Aesthetics: Turning Points in Modern Arabic Literature, 2 vols.
 vol.  I: From Modernism to the 1980s. Ed. G. Ramsay & S. Guth. » Contents
  »  vol. II: Postmodernism and thereafter. Ed. S. Guth & G. Ramsay. » Contents
Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2011 (mîzân; 20,1+2).
Roma 2010under preparation 
Paris 2012under preparation 

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