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Morozova, I.P. 2001. Mshanki otryada Fenestellida (morfologiya, sistema, filogeniya, istoricheskoe razvitie) [Bryozoans of the order Fenestellida (morphology, system, historical development)]. Trudy Paleontologicheskogo Instituta Rossijskoi Akademiya Nauk, 277: 176 pp.
[In Russian] [In part translated, thanks to Ernie Gilmour with plates etc.] (Both are around 60 MB so expect some download time)

Some other translations from Russian:

ASTROVA, G. G. 1978. The history of development, system and phylo­geny of the Bryozoa, order Trepostomata. Akad. Nauk SSSR 169: 240  pp. [Not available]

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MOROZOVA, I.P. & LISITSYN, D.V. 2006. Bryozoan Chapter, In: Late Permian of the Kanin Peninsula (NOT translated).

Some Carboniferous and Permian bryozoans from Svalbard (Spitsbergen)
Ptylopora from the Carboniferous (Moscovian)
Meekopora magnusi from the Kungurian Vøringen Member

Acanthocladia from the Upper Permian Kapp Starostin Formation

Ramipora hochstetteri, from the Upper Permian Kapp Starostin Formation

List of bryozoans from Svalbard (from various publications) List of Norwegian living bryozoans

Bryozoan publications - see my museum research web page

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