When I moved to Oslo in 1976, and joined the University of Oslo as a student of natural sciences, I spent many nights at various concert venues in and around Oslo.  Chateau Neuf, the students' "palace" was probably the best concert hall, but many smaller venues attracted a lot of more or less famous rock groups. Some photos presented here were taken at Venstres hus, Sentrum Kino, Drammenshallen, Ekeberghallen, some at places that now are long gone (Club7, Ratz).....
There are even a few recent ones... (e.g. Apocalyptica, Neil Young, Jethro Tull, Roger Waters, Leningrad Cowboys, Waterboys, Emmylou Harris and R.E.M. captured in the 21. Century).

In the summer, the Kalvøya Festival was a nice experience, except when the rain drowned all our equipment. Some of the largest groups, attracting the largest crowds had to use out door sport arenas, e.g. Valle Hovin. 

The pages will be "improved" now-and-then... The pictures are of varying quality, and they are here presented in a compressed JPG format, each picture being some 30-70 kb.  From 2001 I started using digital cameras, but being reluctant to approach the stage (dangerous guards confiscating camera equipment!!) my pictures from the 21. Cebtury are usually not very good...

They are all copyright myself, but feel free to use them, as long as the © is retained, and links to my pages are provided!!
Also, - please send me a notification of your use...

Some pictures are selected as "better-than-the-rest", displayed at higher resolution, and demand a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 !!
My screen, by the way, is 1600 x 1200 !!

The photographer, back in 1980

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