Cognitive Summer Seminar 2012

We are happy to welcome you to this year's Cognitive Summer Seminar in Oslo, June 10–11. The 2012 seminar is organised by the Norwegian Cognitive Linguistics Association (NORKOG) in cooperation with the research group Time is Space: Unconscious Models and Conscious Acts at the Centre for Advanced Study, and will take place at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences in Drammensveien 78, Oslo. The conference language is English.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Mark Turner (Case Western Reserve University)
Professor Laura Janda (University of Tromsø)

  The conference talks relate to cognitive linguistics in a wide sense, including, but not limited to

– cognitive semantics
– cognitive approaches to syntax, construction grammar
– usage-based language models
– quantitative methods in cognitive linguistics
– corpus linguistics and cognitive linguistics
– diachronic cognitive linguistics and construction grammar