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10.00 Opening
10.10 Mark Turner: Self and Other in Time and Space (pdf)
11.00 Coffee
11.15 Sonja Erlenkamp: The use of complex blends in Norwegian Sign Language: grammatical roles and relations, action chain and SAP hierarchy (pdf)
11.45 Johanna Mesch and Eli Raanes: Joint attention through shared movements – analyzing deafblind signers’ expressions in dialogues (pdf)
12.15 Lunch
13.30 Peer Christensen: Word Order in Nonverbal Representation of Events  (pdf)
14.00 Thora Tenbrink and Olivier Le Guen: Spatial reference frames in language and gestures (pdf)
14.30 Tore Nesset: Cyclical vs linear time: Language, culture and biology (pdf)
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Nina Gram Garmann: Variations on a theme (pdf)
16.00 Kristian Kristoffersen, Nina Gram Garmann and Hanne Gram Simonsen: Phonological patterns in Cri de Chat-syndrome (pdf)
16.30 Break
16.45 Joanna Nykiel: The effect of phrasal complexity in ellipsis (pdf)
17.15 Julia Kuznetsova: We verbs really know you prefixes: case of semantic profiling (pdf)
17.45 NORKOG business meeting
18.30 Conference dinner at the Academy of Sciences

09.00 Laura Janda: Radial Category Profiling of North Sámi Adpositions (joint work with Lene Antonsen and Berit Anne Bals Baal) (pdf)
09.50 Coffee
10.15 Tuomas Huumo, Kersten Lehismets and Csenge Fekete: Verbs, Bipositions, and Force Dynamics: How force dynamic strength varies between Finnish adpositional constructions (pdf)
10.45 Thomas Egan: Subjectification and intersubjectification: a case study (pdf)
11.15 Break
11.30 Anastasia Makarova: Diminutive nouns and verbs in one: Russian “hybrid” words from the perspective of Cognitive Linguistics (pdf)
12.00 Stephen Dickey: Temporal definiteness, referentiality and the Russian perfective (pdf)
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Hanne Gram Simonsen, Marianne Lind, Inger Moen and Ingeborg Dalby: Processing of inflected verb forms in aphasia and Alzheimer’s disease (pdf)
14.00 Hans-Olav Enger: Vocabular Clarity and Faroese inflection (pdf)
14.30 Anna Endresen: A case study of non-prototypical allomorphy: Russian aspectual prefixes O-, OB-, and OBO- (pdf)
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Hana Smiskova: Capturing conventionalized ways of saying things (CWOSTs) in L2 English (pdf)
16.00 Felix Hill: Beauty before age: Applying subjectivity to order English modifier strings (pdf)
16.30 Tor Arne Haugen: Motivating the No Complement Restriction on prenominal adjectives (pdf)