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There is obviously some copyright mumbo-jumbo applying here, and you're probably not allowed to copy or perhaps not even read some of these strips. See the original sites for details. For this reason, I do not encourage downloading anything but the daily strip from this site. Again, visit the original sites for the archives.

FYI, most strips are usually in place by 9.30 (or 10.30) CET every day local time. If the strips here are missing or the same as yesterdays, it may be because the script that grabs the files failed. Or it may be that your client or proxy-server or whatever is caching this page. Try to reload or flush the cache of your browser, or come back later.

Most strips are now current, ie. are published in US papers the same day as they appear here. Norwegian strips (Nemi/Pondus) are semi-current, more or less. Sometimes.

Net comics and comics-related sites I try to catch upon:

Comics I wish I had time to read. Also reruns, stale comics, or rarely updated comics:

Other places to look for strips and other comics stuff:

Latest news:

Pondus and Lunch are gone.
Moved to VG, not online (Norwegian)
Rocky is gone....
Fixed Doonesbury download, and a few others.
ComicsIDontUnderstand now has a temporary site:
Fixed Dagbladet (Norwegian) strips.
GoComics changed the URL scheme again. Fixed (hopefully), and I cleaned away some cruft here.
I don't have the time to fix the scripts to download strips. But now I have tidied up this page a bit more.
King Features made things difficult. Script seems to work now, but «Tina's Groove» is gone (for now, at least). Tidied up a bit on this page.

Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau:


Nemi, by Lise Myhre.

There used to be an English version somewhere, too.

Sinfest, by Tatsuya Ishida:


For better or for worse, by Lynn Johnston:

[For better or for worse]

Get Fuzzy, by Darby Conley:

[Get Fussy]

9 Chickweed Lane, by Brooke McEldowney:

[9 Chickweed Lane]

Monty (formerly known as Robotman), by Jim Meddick:


Pearls Before Swine, by Stephan Pastis:

[Pearls Before Swine]

Arlo & Janis, by Jimmy Johnson:

[Arlo & Janis]

Rutetid, by Frode Øverli.


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